BSc4 - Augumented Programme in Physics
The BSc4 - Augmented Programme in Physics (Physics 195 in semester 1 and Physics 196 in semester 2) is run together with the mainstream Physics modules (Physics 110 in semester 1 and Physics 120 in semester 2). Students will be required to attend lectures, tutorials and practicals for both the mainstream as well as the augmented programme. The times and venues for the different modules are indicated on the timetable provided. The augmented programme and the mainstream module cover the same broad topics. However the augmented programme is intended to complement and extend the concepts and principles studied in the mainstream module. The extended programme is heavily tutorial based and allows for a student coming from a disadvantaged school to reach the level of study required for the mainstream module. To achieve this a substantial amount of support and supplementary material is provided in the augmented programme.


Tests, both in the augmented and mainstream physics modules, will be scheduled throughout the semester. The lecturers will provide details of these at a later stage. The class record (continuous assessment) will count towards the final semester mark and will include marks obtained for the tests, tutorials and practicals. In the final semester exams, a 3 hour theory paper will be written covering the material discussed in both the augmented and mainstream modules. In addition a 2 hour practical examination, covering material from both the augmented and mainstream practicals, will be written. The final mark will be calculated based on results from the theory exam, the practical exam and the class record.

DP requirements:

In order to be able to write the final semester exam, a duly performed (DP) certificate must be obtained. In the augmented programme the requirements for a DP certificate are :

1. A class record mark of at least 40%.

2. Attendance at 80% of lectures.

3. Attendance at 100% of tests and practicals.

In the event of missing any practical or test, the course coordinator must be informed and if there is a valid reason provided the student will be excused or allowed to make up the test or practical at the coordinator's discretion.

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