BSc-4 Mathematics
Students attend both the mainstream Maths 130/140 course (4 lectures and 4 tutorial periods per week) and the Augmented Maths 195/196 course (8 periods a week - 3 lectures, 4 tutorial periods and 1 test).

The Maths 195/196 lectures complement the mainstream lectures, filling in background gaps and emphasising difficult concepts. Augmented Maths students write the mainstream Maths 130/140 examination at the end of each semester. The class is small and student participation is encouraged. The focus of the course is on understanding and on using mathematics to solve problems.

D.P. requirements:

Maths 165/196 students must attend 80% of classes; and

Achieve a class mark of at least 35% for Maths 195 and 40% for Maths 196.

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