BSc-4 Chemistry
In the BSc-4 Chemistry first semester course, we will look at the basis of chemistry, namely the structure of atoms and how they form chemical bonds, as well as the mass relationships associated with chemical reactions. We will also cover types of reactions, atomic spectroscopy, electronic configuration, bonding, gases, thermochemistry, kinetics and gas and solution equilibria.

In the second semester we will cover electron transfer in inorganic chemistry, solution chemistry of salts, phase equilibria and colligative properties. In addition we will cover how to name and draw organic compounds as well as the reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry. In the last quarter of the year we will cover period group trends, solid state structures, acid/base behaviour of oxides and the industrial chemistry of sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and the halogens.

BSc-4 students will attend mainstream lectures along with the BSc-3 students. BSc-4 students will also attend the mainstream practicals together with an additional practical session per week to enable you to get the most from the practical work. BSc-4 students with then attend extra workshops and tutorials. BSc-3 and BSc-4 students will write the same examinations in June and November.

In BSc-4 we focus on strong interaction between lecturer and students and there is a strong emphasis on gaining a sound conceptual knowledge of Chemistry and on learning problem solving skills.

DP requirements:

Class mark 40%
80% attendance at practicals.

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