You will do two Biology modules this year, one in each semester. The first-semester module is called 'The Smaller Side of Life', and will introduce you to some of the most fundamental concepts in Biology: cell structure, function & reproduction; function & synthesis of biological molecules; and genetics. In the second semester, you will do a module known as 'Life on Earth'. This module explores the diversity of organisms, their evolutionary origin and their importance.

The practical classes focus on understanding experimental design, microscope skills, biological drawings, and solving genetics problems. In the second semester you will also go on some interesting field trips.

BSc-4 students attend mainstream lectures with all the other Biology students, but have additional tutorials and practicals in order to enhance understanding of the course content. The additional tutorials and practicals are workshop-based and include group activities, extra worksheets and help with individual problems.

Students write both mainstream tests and additional tests, each of which contributes 50% towards the class mark of the course.

D.P. requirements: Attend at least 80% of the mainstream lectures and additional tutorials, attend 100% of the mainstream and additional practicals, and attain a minimum of 40% for the class mark.

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