Physics 099/199 Assessment Procedures

Assessment takes the form of weekly tutorials, short quizzes during lectures, writing of practical reports, two major tests and a practical test per semester, a June test and a final exam (covering the whole year's work). Continuous assessment is carried out throughout the year contributes 50% of the final mark; the remainder coming from the final exam.


The following are the outcomes of the course:  

  • Follow written and oral instructions enabling the student to work independently.
  • Work cooperatively in a group and show responsibly in a laboratory.
  • Use simple laboratory instruments in the appropriate manner to collect data; showing understanding of the accuracy and uncertainty of their results. 
  • Present and interpret data in tables and graphs
  • Present a report of a simple experiment in a short laboratory report
  • Apply appropriate concepts, principles and strategies to answer quantitative and qualitative physics exercises.
  • Be able to use a scientific calculator logically and understanding conversion of units.
  • Present written answers showing organized thinking and logical reasoning.
  • Understand physics formulae in terms of the mathematical reasoning and limitations.
  • Interpret concrete situations in terms of the physics involved.
  • Reflect on their own learning in discussions and written summaries.
  • Show an understanding of the scientific method and historical contexts of major developments in physics.


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