We believe that the wonder of physics lies in discovering for oneself; so we aim to give students respect and dignity, treating them as fellow adults and discoverers. The Foundation Physics module is mostly laboratory-based. The course material is student-centred which allows students to learn at their own pace and take responsibility for their own learning. We also encourage group discussions and cooperation as students work through material designed to develop their conceptualization and problem solving skills. Students are taught to summarise their work each week and expected to prepare answers to weekly tutorial questions which consolidate their understanding.
Formal lectures are introduced only in the second semester, and are very interactive. We adopt a friendly approach to our teaching, encouraging participation from and active debate among our students. We have found it is important to encourage students to ask questions freely, rather than simply accepting statements as true, and even to challenge their lecturers and tutors.
Over the year we notice a marked increase in student confidence and participation. Students who take responsibility for their own learning will benefit the most from the module.


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