Topics covered:

1. essential skills, (numeric and algebraic)

2. set theory

3. number theory

4. perimeter, area, volume, total surface area

5. proportion

6. data collection

7. Gauss reduction

8. equations and inequalities

9. introduction to and properties of functions

  • straight line
  • parabola
  • circle (semi-circle)
  • hyperbola
  • piecewise
  • absolute value
  • trigonometric
  • exponents
  • logarithms

10. open-ended investigation of a mathematical problem

11. limits

12. the derivative and rules of differentiation

13. curve sketching

14. max/min problems

15. coordinate systems (Pmb)/binomial theorem (Wvl)

Collection of resources provided under "Resources for Practicing Essential Skills" is meant to help you conquer some of the basic ideas in mathematics. Be honest with yourself and work carefully through each of the resources making sure that you understand the logic needed to solve a problem. Do not assume you know it - work through the ideas regularly and patiently each day. This will give you confidence in mathematics. You can make it fun by picking five problems at random and then trying to do the problems correctly within five minutes; alternatively, make up some questions for a friend and test each other. You will see, you will very soon be on your way to success in long as You do the right thing in the right way.

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