SFP Mathematics

Mathematics 098/099 forms part of the package of courses offered in the Science Foundation Programme. It provides mathematical support for all three of the other foundation science courses namely Biology 001, Chemistry 099/199 and Physics 001. It also provides a foundation for all first year mathematics courses, having a strong emphasis on cognitive development. In so doing it replaces the Matric mathematics requirement for certain first year courses and the B.Sc. degree.

Intended outcomes:

By the end of this course learners will be able to:
  • read and express mathematical concepts and reasoning coherently;
  • demonstrate competence in mathematical manipulation of numbers and symbols;
  • interpret graphs and synthesize graphical and algebraic representations;
  • visualise spatial concepts in concrete form and draw appropriate diagrams;
  • solve applied mathematical problems;
  • demonstrate logical argument and reasoning;
  • cope with new mathematical situations;
  • take responsibility for their own work;
  • understand and use precise and abstract mathematical notation;
  • represent an abstract idea diagrammatically;
  • transfer understanding of one graphical situation to another;
  • develop and extend their concept of a function and its inverse
  • understand there are common features of different functions, and translate between two different spatial systems of thought

Module outline                                                     Assessment procedures

Past Papers & Application Form                          Resources for Practicing Essential Skills

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