SFP Chemistry Module Outline
The B.Sc(Foundation) Chemistry module aims to ensure that students with an inadequate grounding in chemistry develop a level of theoretical knowledge, practical and reasoning skills to succeed in a science degree course.

What chemistry topics are taught on the module?

The course is divided into two broad topic areas. In the first semester aspects of measurement and properties of matter are covered. These underpin the more specialised topics covered in the second semester.

Special attention is given to the numerical aspects of chemistry on this module. These are introduced in the first semester where measurement of mass and volume is investigated and developed further in the work on mole calculations in the second semester.

First Semester

  • Reading scales on mass and volume measuring instruments
  • Using significant figures when making measurements
  • Measuring mass and volume
  • Measuring concentration
  • Particulate theory of matter
  • Pure substances and mixtures
  • Physical changes and chemical reactions

Second Semester

  • Using significant figures when making measurements
  • Atoms, molecules and moles
  • Mole calculations
  • Stoichiometry, limiting reagents and reaction yields
  • Formulae and percentage composition
  • Electronic configuration and the periodic table
  • Chemical bonding and nomenclature

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