Foundation Chemistry (CHEM 099/199) is a pre-first year university access module catering for students who have studied (but not necessarily passed) some science subjects at matric level. This means students on the course may not have studied chemistry before and so the course has to cater for a range of abilities and educational backgrounds.

It does this in two ways:

Firstly it provides an in depth coverage of fundamental chemical concepts, particularly the numerical aspects. Secondly it develops the various skills needed to deal with the more advanced chemistry found on a B.Sc. degree programme. This means the course extends some topic areas and also covers some important chemistry which is seldom formally taught, mainly because the concepts are often regarded as implicit or 'can be picked up on the way'. It also introduces the students to laboratory based project work designed to increase their problem solving skills through experimentation

An important aspect of the Chemistry module is to develop independent thinking, laboratory practical competence and students' readiness for the rigours of a science degree.

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