Biology 199

The year-long "Foundation Biology" (Biol 199) module of the Science Foundation Programme is housed in the School of Biological and Conservation Sciences of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, on both the Pietermaritzburg and Westville campuses.
The main purpose of the module is to scaffold the development of practical and cognitive science process skills, and the biological content and concept knowledge required for undergraduate Life Science modules.
An awareness and appreciation for biological issues is also stimulated in the students.

The first semester is a general, skills-based module.Biology 199
In small tutorial groups of no more than 40, students engage with topics in an interactive way whilst acquiring knowledge and understanding of basic biological facts and concepts, an appreciation of biological systems, and an holistic understanding of basic scientific principles. Both cognitive and practical skills are developed in the laboratory where the marine theme serves as a vehicle to deliver this component. The intention here is not to teach content pertaining to the marine environment, but to illustrate biological principles and gain generic skills through this theme.

The second semester material reinforces the generic skills and concepts learned in the first semester and encourages understanding, and the application and transfer of skills, specifically through the scientific method. Various aspects of plant and animal biology are used as the medium for this. We, Biology staff, encourage the students' independence and self-confidence while developing their investigative and communication skills, and introduce students to university-style learning.

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